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May 2016 Prestwick Village

Event Results


 Twenty one guys survived the cruel winter blast on May 15. “Stocking Caps” off to all of the participants. Temps were in the 30s-F, winds 20-30 mph, and yes snow flurries throughout the day.

First of all---a special welcome to new tour members Jerry Hyslop and Brian Shoup, who joined under the “buddy plan” with Brent Davies. And welcome back to Joe Janosky (2010 member) who has re-joined the tour. Kudos to Jeremie Lopez and Brent Davies who were the tournament medalists at 31 points (77). Third low-gross went to Grant Gulych with 30 points (78). Even par is 36 points.

On the net side, host Jim Helmke carded a 36.5 (25 gross) for 1st place. Rookie Jerry Hyslop was 2nd with a 35 net. Chris Boka, Kelly Cup Captain – Michigan, was 3rd with a 34.5. Tied for 4th net were Jack Deming & Paul Chappel at 34 points net. $35.00

Skin winners were: Charles Henry #2; Jeremie Lopez #9 & 16; Brent Davies #12; George Harris #13; Joe Janosky#15.

June 2016 Otter Creek Event Results

Again the weather conditions were a factor at the second event of the year. Very strong winds and difficult pin positions led to high scores. Although it was great to see another field of 20 players with 6-7 usual members unable to play.

There were some great holes played that day, Mike Terrill eagled the par 5 18th and the shot of the day was by Jack Black with a Hole-in-One on the 5th hole.

The winners on the gross

1st Jack Black

2nd Grant Gulych

3rd Dennis Babcock

 Winners on the net side

1st Pete Willems

2nd George Harris

tied for 3rd Daryl Sinden and Paul Chappel.


Skins winners

Hole #5  Jack Black     (Hole in One)

Hole #9 Jim Helmke

Hole #12 Carl Abel

Hole #17 Grant Gulych

Hole #18 Mike Terrill   (Eagle)

July 2016 Verona Hills Event Results

August 2016 Tarandowah Event Results

Again, competition was keen as usual for low Gross honors.


1st place winner Grant Gulych with a nice round of 33 points was followed very closely by Charlie Henry in second place a stroke behind grant with 32 points, followed by Brett McBride just another point back of Charlie with a third place finish with 31 points.


In the Net Division, it was again very close with 1st place going to Joe Janosky with 37 points, then there was a tie for 2nd place between Dennis Babcock and Michael Hunter with 36 points, and closely behind in 4th place was Jim Helmke with a net score of 35.5 points.  

Congratulations to all the winners.


In the Skins section 4 players were awarded skins.  On hole # 1 with an EAGLE for 4 points was Tim Hallwood – what a way to start your round Tim!  The 4th hole was won by Joel Michaels, the 10th hole was won by Charlie Henry, and the last skin was won on the 13th hole by Joe Janosky.  Well done guys.

The final event of the season was as competitive as all other events this year. The weather was the best we had all year and so were the scores.

In the gross score, 1st place winner Grant Gulych with 33 points, there was a tie for second place between Brent Davies and Pete Willems with 32 points.

The net scores were the best of the year, 1st place Mike Terrill with 42 points, 2nd place Wayne McGrath with 41 points, 3rd place George Harris with 40.5 points and 4th place Michael Hunter with 39.5 points.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Skins were awarded to

Hole #3   Mike Terrill

Hole #10 Brent Davies

Hole #12 Brent Davies

Hole #14 Brent Davies

Hole #15 George Harris

Hole #16 Brent Davies

Hole #17 Pete Willems

Someone had a HOT putter!!!!!!

2016 Kelly Cup Results

Congratulations to TEAM MICHIGAN for capturing and holding on to the Kelly Cup once again

and keeping it in the U.S.A.

The players from both teams should be congratulated for participating for their country and

playing their best, it just so happened that the better team this year (Michigan) came out on top –

yes, once again.

Day 1 – After day 1 play Michigan held a 6 points to 4 points advantage.

Day 2 – Michigan achieved 12 points and Ontario achieved 8 points.

According to my math (and Charlie’s spreadsheet) that makes Michigan victorious by an 18 to 12

total for all matches played over the two days.

Top Point getters for Michigan were Chris Boka with a full 4 points, Jack Deming and Brett

McBride with 31/2 points, and Brent Davies with 3 points.

Top point getters for Ontario were Dennis Babcock and George Harris with 3 points, and Michael

Hunter with 21/2 points.

Congratulations once again to all the combatants (I don’t care if that word is not politically correct)

I know you get my drift!

I’m sure we will all be looking forward to another Kelly Cup in 2017.