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Michigan / Ontario Golf Teachers Tour Agreement

Join The Michigan Ontario Golf Teachers Tour today!

Eligibility: Players must be part of the golf industry- either as a pro, course owner, high school or college coach, golf sales rep, superintendent, or even on a grounds crew

Fill out the form and tour agreement below and click submit to forward forms to our  Tour Directors. If you don’t have a sanctioned handicap index, you can establish a handicap after first event.

I Agree I Agree

I agree to pay an Annual Tour Fee ($15 U.S. If paid at or before the first event and $20 after the first event) and further agree to comply with the terms of the Tour Agreement and the Tour’s Charter for this and future seasons until revised.  Members will be notified of future changes to the Tour Agreement and the Tour's Charter.  Notification of revisions will constitute acceptance of any new terms and conditions.   A portion of the Annual Fee will fund the “Order of Merit” awards to qualifying tour players. Another portion of the Annual Fee will be allocated to the administrative costs associated with The Kelly Cup.   A final portion will be allocated to the general administrative expenses of The Tour. Checks can be made payable to: The Michigan/Ontario Golf Teachers Tour or paid in cash at an event.



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Golf Industry Position

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Tour Eligibility – Any current or former golf teaching professional, high school or college coach, or anyone engaged in the golf industry (superintendents, greenskeepers, golf sales reps, golf club managers), is eligible for MOGTT membership.

Event Format – Tour members may opt to play for prize money, pro shop gift certificates, or neither.  All prize money entry fees will be distributed to approximately 1/3 of the field and will be awarded based upon total Stableford points accumulated on both an actual (scratch) and a net (handicap) basis.  Players cannot win in both the scratch and net divisions.  An eagle is 4 points; a birdie is 3 points; a par is 2 points; a bogey is 1 point. To help with the “pace of play”, players must pick-up on any hole after their bogey stroke is played and all players are asked to play “ready golf” during each event. An optional scratch “skins” game is also available.

Tee Marker Guidelines

  • Open Division---Male players under age 60 shall play from tees between 6,400 – 6,800 yards.
  • Senior Division---Male players age 60 or older may play from tee markers set between 6,000 – 6,400 yards.
  • Super Senior Division---Male players age 70 or older may play from tee markers set between 5,600 – 6,000 yards.
  • Women’s Division---Female players shall play from tees set between 5200-5600 yards. *

*Handicaps of less than 7 “shall” play from the Senior Tees

Handicap System

  • Handicaps are “added” to a player’s gross Stableford points to arrive at their “net” score.
  • Temporary handicaps will be used for all players prior to the completion of 4 sanctioned tour events.

1st Event….not eligible for net awards without a USGA, RCGA Handicap or USGTF/CGTF Certification scores.

2nd Event…best of either “pre-tour handicap” or 1st MOGTT score.

3rd Event…best of “pre-tour handicap”, 1st MOGTT score, or 2nd MOGTT score.

4th Event…. best of “pre-tour handicap”, 1st MOGTT score,  2nd MOGTT score, or 3rd MOGTT score.

  • After four events, the best two of the last four scores will be used in determining the Tour Handicap. A player’s best scores are averaged together and subtracted from 36 points (even par….18 holes x 2 points).  i.e.  If a player’s best score average is 28 points, the handicap would be 8.  No adjustment will be made for course rating and/or slope.
  • Maximum Handicap is 15 points for all players.

Dress Code - The host club’s dress code applies but at a minimum, shirts with collars and soft spikes are required.  Shorts are permitted but not encouraged.

Tournament Rules – Play will be governed by the USGA Rules and by any local rules listed on a rules sheet provided to each player upon check-in.

Save Harmless Clause –  All players agree to hold the host golf club, Better Golf, the Michigan/ Ontario Golf Teachers Tour Directors & Executive Committee, the US & Canadian Golf Teachers Federations (USGTF & CGTF), their parent companies, employees, agents, independent contractors, sponsors, and equipment suppliers from any and all claims or causes of direct or indirect actions which could be brought by a player or players on account of damages, liabilities, or injuries sustained by him or her as a result of participation in the aforementioned Tour.

I hereby authorize “The Tour” to release my name, addresses, & phone numbers to other tour members in the form of a directory. The directory and/or my name, addresses, etc. will not be released to any other person or organization. Players may withhold this authorization but in so doing will not receive a tour directory.

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